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Tomtit Farm Dahlia Tuber Lucky Dip Package

Tomtit Farm Dahlia Tuber Lucky Dip Package

Add a burst of vibrant colour to your garden with Tomtit Farm's Dahlia Tuber Lucky Dip Package! Our lucky dip package features 4-5 high-quality dahlia tubers, carefully selected from our certified organic garden. Each tuber is a delightful surprise, grown from varieties of our 2023 season dahlias.

Product Details:

  • Contents: 4-5 randomly selected dahlia tubers.
  • Price: $30 per package.
  • Quality: Our tubers are checked for eyes before shipping, ensuring they have the potential to grow into stunning, healthy plants.
  • Size Variability: Dahlia tubers come in various sizes. As long as a tuber is at least the size of a finger and has an eye, it will thrive in your garden.

Important Information:

  • Pre-Sale: This is a pre-sale offer. We will store your dahlia tubers over the winter and ship them to you in spring 2024. The exact shipping date depends on when the tubers start to eye up.
  • Rural Shipping: If your delivery address is rural, please select rural shipping at checkout to avoid delays and additional charges.


By purchasing our Dahlia Tuber Lucky Dip Package, you're not only enhancing your garden with beautiful blooms but also supporting sustainable and organic farming practices. Get ready to enjoy a surprise variety of dahlias that will bring joy and colour to your outdoor space!

Order now and look forward to a spectacular spring bloom in 2024! 🌸

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