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Regenerative Cover Crop Blend - Soil Conditioner
  • Regenerative Cover Crop Blend - Soil Conditioner

    Our Regenerative Cover Crop Blend is a powerful mix of soil-enriching plants carefully curated to improve soil health and fertility. This blend serves as an effective soil conditioner, replenishing nutrients, enhancing soil structure, and promoting beneficial microbial activity.


    Colour: Green foliage mix

    Scientific Name: Various cover crop species

    Seeds per Packet: Approximately 15g - 25g 

    Growing Conditions: Full sun to partial shade, well-draining soil

    Germination Rate: High

    Days to Maturity: Varies by species

    Spacing: Sow seeds evenly across the soil surface

    Best Time to Sow: Late summer (March to April) or early autumn (April to May)


    10g covers 5m2 

    15g covers 10m2 


    Seeds include a blend of: 

    Linseed, vetch, Buckwheat, Sunflower, Annual Clovers, Beans, Diakon Radish, Mustard, Phacelia, Borage, Peas, Lupins, Maize, Oats and more. 


    Nourish your soil and boost its vitality with our Regenerative Cover Crop Blend - the ultimate soil conditioner. This blend includes a diverse range of cover crops that work together harmoniously to fix nitrogen, prevent soil erosion, suppress weeds, and break up compacted soil. By cultivating these plants in your garden during the off-season or as part of a crop rotation strategy, you'll witness a dramatic improvement in soil structure and fertility, paving the way for healthier, more productive crops in the future. Embrace regenerative practices and witness the transformation of your soil with our Cover Crop Blend - a true gift to your garden and the environment! Happy gardening!

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