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Tomtit Farms Story

Nestled in the heart of Matangi, central Waikato, Kirikiriroa, Aotearoa, we are more than just a farm - we're a community of like-minded individuals who believe in the power of food and the importance of taking care of our environment and Papatūānuku.


Our vision is simple: low environmental impact and good soil health. Our soil is our life! 

By cultivating our produce using sustainable farming methods, we create a deeper connection between our consumers and their food. Our veggies are grown with love, straight from our farm to your table, reducing food mileage and waste.

Join us on our journey to inspire and educate others about the importance of sustainable agriculture, while providing affordable access to quality produce for our communities.

Your friendly Tomtit Farmers


Brit Stembridge

Meet Brit - the nurturing heart behind Tomtit Farm. With a full-time commitment to the garden, Brit's passion for sustainable agriculture runs deep. Before embarking on her journey as a farmer, Brit's expertise in nutrition laid the foundation for her love of growing and providing healthy, nutrient-packed produce.

Tomtit Farm is about cultivating community around food. Brit's caring touch is reflected in everything we grow, providing a diverse range of delicious and nutritious veggies that are sustainably grown with love and care. Brit works tirelessly to care for the land that nourishes us, and is proud to share that bounty with our community.


James Stembridge

Meet James - the driving force behind Tomtit's mission to build resilient farmers and support our community. With a passion for innovation and a keen eye for detail, James works tirelessly in the garden to ensure everything is in order each week. Whether he's building new infrastructure or upcycling old materials, James is always striving to push the boundaries of what's possible.

At Tomtit Farm, we believe in the power of community to support our local farmers and build food resilience for the future. James is a key player in our efforts to create a more sustainable, equitable food system, and his dedication to the cause is an inspiration to us all.

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