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Tomtit Farm Seasonal Harvest  CSA

We run three Seasonal Harvest CSAs throughout the year. 

Summer - 15 weeks runs from mid January - Late April 

Winter - 10 weeks runs from mid June - Late August 

Spring - 12 weeks runs from early October - mid December 

Our next Seasonal Harvest - Summer starts in January 2024 

Our Summer Seasonal Harvest - CSA runs for 15 weeks from January 16th  to the 19th of April 23rd 2024.

CSA means Community Supported Agriculture





What is a Seasonal Harvest - CSA?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. How it works: is awesome people like yourself see that we are doing something cool like farming sustainably, growing nutrient packed food and wanting to connect with our customers and are like hell yeah I want to back that! 

At Tomtit Farm, we're passionate about growing fresh, nutritious food using sustainable and organic practices. And we're not alone - we know that there are many awesome people out there who want to support local farmers and food systems, just like we do.

That's where our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program comes in. When you sign up for our CSA, you're investing in our farm for the upcoming season. And in return, we'll deliver a share of our weekly harvest right to your doorstep. It's a win-win - you get access to delicious, locally grown produce, and we get the support we need to continue doing what we love.

As a member of our CSA, you'll get a box of fresh veggies each week. And while we can't guarantee exactly what will be in your box (nature has a way of surprising us sometimes!), we can promise that it will be packed with the best produce we have available. Plus, since we have a limited number of CSA members, we're confident that we'll be able to provide plenty of delicious veggies throughout the season.

But our CSA isn't just about the food - it's also about the community. We want to share our knowledge and passion for sustainable farming with our members, so we offer open farm tours and weekly updates with recipe ideas, storage tips, and information about the latest veggie varieties. We want you to be a part of our growing journey and to understand where your food comes from.

How does the CSA work?

We are not a veggie box service, a meal kit or a supermarket. We offer seasonal organic produce grown on our farm in a way that always puts the environment first. Produce is harvested and delivered directly to you with no middle man, reducing food miles, cost and creating food sovereignty in your community. We focus on growing food for you. 

Here's how it works:

  1. Sign up for our Seasonal Harvest CSA, which runs for 10-15 weeks depending on the season. 

  2. Choose the size of your harvest between a small or a large option that suits your need

  3. Choose how often you would like your harvest box - weekly or fortnightly. 

  4. Select your preferred collection option from drop-off click and collect locations (free), home delivery (for a small fee), or farm collection (free). We deliver to Hamilton, Te Awamutu, Cambridge, Matangi, Tamahere and surrounding areas.

  5. Add any extras to your harvest box like weekly eggs, sourdough bread or flowers from our garden. 

  6. Choose a payment option that works best for you - pay upfront or opt for weekly, fortnightly, or monthly payments.

  7. Wait for the start date and get excited about your first harvest box. 


By signing up to our CSA, you're investing in what we do for that season and your investment is paid off in local, fresh, organically grown produce each week. Plus, you're supporting sustainable agriculture practices and helping us build food sovereignty in our community.

And don't worry, if you're planning on being away during the season, you can donate your box to a friend or family member within our delivery area or to a family in need.

We're excited to have you join the Tomtit Farmily for the Winter season!

What if I'm away during the Seasonal Harvest period? 


If you are going to be away we do request that you donate your box to a family in need as we work closely with local community groups that would love this opportunity or if you would like us to deliver your box to a friend or family within our delivery area we would be more than happy to accommodate this.













Examples of what each box size currently looks like and this will change slightly from week to week to ensure that you are getting a healthy variety of seasonal produce.

When is the next Seasonal Harvest - CSA?

We run 3 Seasonal Harvests during the year these run for 10-15 weeks depending on the season. 

Summer - Seasonal Harvest - CSA - 15 weeks - January - April 

Winter - Seasonal Harvest - CSA - 10 weeks - June - August 

Spring - Seasonal Harvest - CSA - 12 weeks - September - December 

You can add your name to the waitlist for our next seasonal harvest CSA date or try a one month sampler to see if this is something for you. 


What do I receive as a Tomtits Seasonal Harvest member?

As a member, you'll receive a fresh, diverse selection of local and organic vegetables straight from Tomtit Farm every week. Say goodbye to bland supermarket produce and hello to exciting, colourful and flavourful vegetables.

But that's not all! You'll also gain access to Tomtit Farm events and workshops, where you can visit the farm and witness firsthand how your food is grown and harvested each week. Plus, you'll receive updates with storage tips, recipes, competitions, and farm news to keep you in the loop.

As a member, you'll also get exclusive access to Tomtit Farm's PYO flower days, where you can pick your own beautiful blooms. And if we have extra produce, you'll have the ability to order more and get first dibs on farm seconds and deals.

And perhaps best of all, you'll become part of the Tomtit Farm community and have your voice heard by us, the farmers. Gain a full understanding of where your food comes from and take pride in supporting a sustainable, local food system. Join us today and become a part of something special!

CSA might not be for you if...

CSA might not be the best option for everyone, and we understand that.

If you're looking for an easy meal kit with all the ingredients already prepped, unfortunately, that's not what we offer. Our CSA provides you with fresh produce to inspire you to create your own delicious meals.

If you're frequently out of town during the CSA season, it may be challenging to make use of your weekly box, and we suggest waiting until you can commit to the season.

We want our CSA to work for you, so if it's not the right fit, we encourage you to explore other options that better suit your needs.

Join our Tomtit Farm community

All still sounding good to you, then join now!


Can't wait to have you join our Tomtit Farmily. 

Your friendly farmers Brit and James 


Is Tomtits seasonal harvest right for you? 
We will send you more details to help you decide. 

Small Harvest 

Large Harvest 

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