tomtit farm seasonal harvest  csa

Kia Ora, 


We are offering a season harvest  CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) 


Our Summer seasonal harvest has started and runs from January18th - 26th April 2022 (14 boxes) options to choose from small or large. CSA members receive a weekly box, access to Tomtit Farm events and workshops including a visit to the farm and see how their food is grown and packed each season. 

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. How it works: is awesome people like yourself see that we are doing something cool like farming sustainably, growing nutrient packed food and wanting to connect with our customers and are like hell yeah I want to back that! 


By signing up to one season's CSA you are essentially investing in what we do for that season and your investment is paid off in local, fresh, organically grown food delivered to your doorstep each week. 


Your investment is a share of the food that is produced each week, this means no waste and fresher produce. As you might know growing produce isn't as straightforward as having 10kgs of tomatoes available every week, natural things happen that cause produce availability to fluctuate each season. And not everything that is grown is the perfect 'supermarket' shape and size. Therefore you may notice the size of your box delivered each week to change a bit. Don't worry, we have limited CSA members and are confident that we will produce plentiful amounts of awesome veggies throughout the CSA season.  


As you may have figured out we are not your everyday commercial growers and want you to be a part of our growing journey, giving each member the opportunity to learn how we grow your food, where we our input sources come from, what we add to the soils to make our veggies grow so well and how produce availability changes over the seasons throughout the year, therefore seasonal CSA offers the chance for our members to join us on an open farm tour. We also will be connected with you each week, providing you with recipe ideas, storage tips, and new veggie varieties to keep things interesting. 


If you are planning on being away during the CSA season we do request that you donate your box to a family in need as we work closely with local community groups that would love this opportunity or if you would like us to deliver your box to a friend or family within our delivery area we would be more than happy to accommodate this.


Below are three photos of what each box size currently looks like and this will change slightly from week to week to ensure that you are getting a healthy variety of seasonal produce. 


Costs of the CSA are as follows. This is a one-off upfront cost or options for weekly fortnightly or monthly payment.

Small  -  $420 ($30 per harvest) 

Large  - $700 ($50 per harvest)

Delivery and two re-usable swapper boxes are included in the purchase price.

Our CSA spaces are filled and we are not be taking on any more customers until the next season. However you can sample our CSA for a month to see if this is something you might be interested in next season. 

Deliveries in Hamilton, Te Awamutu, Cambridge and surrounding areas.


All still sounding good to you, then let us know and we will sign you up for the next season!



Can't wait to have you join our Tomtit Farm Whānau.


Your friendly farmers Brit and James