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How short can you go?

Join us in a special challenge to celebrate the winter solstice, World Localisation Day, and our Winter Seasonal Harvest CSA! On Wednesday, June 21st, we invite you to have a "short" meal that focuses on minimising food miles and supporting local food systems.

Here's the challenge: Create the shortest meal possible in terms of the distance your ingredients have traveled. Begin with ingredients from your garden or pots, then expand outward using your Tomtit Harvest box and any other locally sourced ingredients you have available.

As you prepare your meal, take a moment to reflect on the journey your food has made to reach your plate. Consider the local farmers and growers who have nurtured the ingredients with care.

This challenge provides an excellent opportunity to start conversations with your friends and family about the importance of supporting local food systems. Share your delicious creations on social media using the hashtags #EatNZ and #growfoodcommunities. Let's inspire others to embrace local, sustainable food choices.

For more details and information about World Localisation Day, visit We're excited to see the creative and flavourful meals you'll come up with while celebrating the winter solstice and supporting local food communities worldwide.

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