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Dingys Mix- Wildflower - Scatter sow

Dingys Mix- Wildflower - Scatter sow

Our Wildflower Blend offers a delightful mix of native and exotic flower seeds, perfect for scattering across your garden for a wild and vibrant display of blooms.


Colour: A diverse mix of colors and shapes

Scientific Name: Various wildflower species

Seeds per Packet: Approximately 15g -25g seeds

Growing Conditions: Full sun, well-draining soil

Germination Rate: High

Days to Maturity: Varies by species

Spacing: Scatter the seeds thinly across the desired area

Best Time to Sow: Spring (August to December)


Seeds include a blend of:  Marigold, Cosmos, Alyssum, Linseed, Phacelia, Sunflower. Cornflower, Captain crimson, Blue lupins, Vetch, Lotus, Red rascal clover, Scabiosa, Amaranth, Cress and more. 


15g covers 5m2 

25g covers 10m2 


Create a wild and beautiful garden oasis with our Scatter Sow Wildflower Blend. Simply scatter the seeds across your chosen area, water, and watch as a tapestry of colours emerges to attract bees, butterflies, and other pollinators. Embrace the natural beauty of these wildflowers and enjoy a blooming paradise that evolves throughout the seasons. Unleash your creativity and let nature take the lead with our Wildflower Blend! Happy scattering!

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