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Tomtit Farm Watercolour Workshop with Shade Studio

Sat 6th Apr 2024, 9:30 am - 11:30 am

Tomtit Farm

66 Webster Road, Matangi 3284, New Zealand

Introduction to Watercolours with Anna Engels from Shade Studio.

Anna is a botanical artist, cut flower grower and carer of our natural environment. Her practice stems from her deep appreciation and care for New Zealand’s native ecologies and her work aims to foster genuine care for these spaces. Anna will be introducing you to the medium of watercolour and she will help guide you through the process of painting some beautiful Tomtit produce. You will each get to choose your own fresh organic flowers and vegetables to inspire your painting. 

Each attendee will come away from the workshop with a unique A4 artwork, delicious produce and painting skills to continue their watercolour journey. 

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